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Starting A Conference Call

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How do I schedule a conference call?

You can host conference calls anytime with our conference call services. Give attendees the date and time you’ve planned the call with the conference call number and access code.

How do I start a conference call?

To start your conference call, the host must dial into the conference call line and enter the Conference Code followed by the Host Code. If you are also hosting online meetings, be sure to also familiarize yourself with screen sharing overview and video conferencing features.

Do my conference call numbers stay the same?

Your conference call numbers will remain the same for you to use each time you need to host a conference call. If you’d like to add more than one in your account, you can do so or replace the numbers you’ve been assigned anytime. Note – this will differ for our Operator-Assisted Conference Calls.

How many callers can I have during the conference?

The conference call capacity is 500 callers for pay per-use plan with a 50 caller limit on speaking rights. If you’re subscribed to an unlimited conference call plan, you’re limited by the max caller limits of your plan.

How do I record my conference call?

The host can begin recording by pressing 5* on their phone. A prompt will tell everyone on the conference call that recording has started. To turn recording off, press 5* again or end the entire conference call. Conference recording can also be controlled from the conference manager.

Here’s a complete list of telephone conference call features.

Does your service allow for international conference calls?

Yes. Conference Calling allows callers from around the world access to your conference calls. For more information, review International Callers FAQ and International Conference Call Rates.

How can I see my conference call online?

Once you’ve started the conference call as the host, you can log into your account and select the “Manage” button underneath your Host Code from your Dashboard. To learn more watch the Web-Interface Video Tour.

Why can’t I login into the website?

As long as your account is active, you shouldn’t have any issue with proper credentials. You’ll need the email address used when you created the account and your proper password. If you’ve updated your password but forgotten it, you can reset your password.

Can anyone control the conference call features?

Host controls mean all the features you have available for managing the conference call environment. For a full list of your telephone dial-pad features, go to phone conference controls. Attendees can only self-mute their line with 4* and tell the host of a question with 5*.

Can I have more than one host on the conference call?

For security and control during the conference call, only one host is permitted. Special callers can join as Guest Speakers if needed.

What is the Guest Speaker Code and how is it used?

The Guest Speaker code gives participants access to speak even if the rest of your conference call is muted. To ensure specific callers can speak throughout your call, provide them with the dial-in number and Conference Code plus instructions to then dial (88* + Guest Speaker Code).

Note: Login to retrieve your Guest Speaker Code under “My Conference Settings” by clicking on your profile towards the upper right.

How long is the attendee hold time?

There is a 10 minute hold time for callers to wait for the host to join the call. If the limit is reached, a prompt will ask the caller to confirm the date and time and call back.

Can we have a conference call without a host?

Yes, you can remove the need for the host to call into the conference call and officially start it if you prefer. You’ll login to manage this feature under “My Conference Settings” by clicking on your profile towards the upper right.

Can I have more than one code or user in my account?

Yes. To create additional codes, access your account and go to “Account” and click on “Add New Member/Code”. Watch a quick video: Setting Up Conference Call Numbers

How do I change my conference code or host code?

You can create a new conference code and delete your current one to change it out. Login and go to “Account” and click on “Add New Member/Code”. If you prefer to change your current conference code to remain on the same billing plan, submit a request to the customer service team.

You can click on “Actions” then selecting “Change Host Code” to replace the current code as well.

One of my callers is echoing. How do I get rid of the noise/static?

If you’re encountering noise, it’s likely coming from a caller using a PC with microphone and speakers too close to each other. To quickly eliminate the background noise, press 1* and mute the entire conference or, to identify which line it is exactly, login to your Web-Interface and you will see which line is broadcasting from the audio indicator and you can mute them individually.

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