Screen Sharing

Present. Demonstrate. Collaborate.

Feel confident that you can achieve meeting success on a screen sharing platform with video conferencing.

Desktop Sharing

Meeting participants are literally on the same page. By adding visual content to your presentation, screen sharing capabilities turn a conference call into an interactive, online meeting.

Online Team Meetings
Made Simple

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No downloads

Participants join web conferences directly from their browser with no software installation.

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Video conferencing

When you also need to meet with your group face to face, combine screen sharing with a video call.

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Pass presenter rights

Allow meeting attendees to also share their content instantly by passing presenter rights to anyone in the web meeting.

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Chat and send files

Instant message all attendees, direct message individuals and send files to the group.

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Calendar integrations

Send screen sharing invites via email, or through Outlook, Google Calendar or Microsoft 365.

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Record screen sharing content that you or any meeting attendee present. Review, download or share online at a future date.

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What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing software allows people from a variety of distributed locations to view another computer screen in real time. Online meetings have become the most effective tool for team collaboration and productivity.

join fast

Join Fast, Present Better

Online presentations need to begin on time and without any technical issues. The key is simplicity and reliability, allowing you to just focus on the message you’re delivering.

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Demonstrate in Real Time

Of course you can do animated slide presentations but with HD screen sharing, you can also demo software, conduct live trainings and collaborate on any files or apps on your desktop.

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Meet and Collaborate

Escalate email chains and phone calls to online meetings and get the entire team on the same page faster. Joining online can cut down on so much back and forth.

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Software Reliability

Use video conferencing with screen sharing and HD audio without experiencing freezes, interruptions or audio/video inconsistencies.

Screen Sharing FAQs

What can I screen share with meeting attendees?

Share documents, presentations, apps, websites, videos or anything else you can display on your computer screen.

Can screen sharing be used with video conferencing?

Yes. With a comprehensive, full-featured conferencing service, screen sharing and video conferencing are not mutually exclusive and can be used together.

Is screen sharing in real time?

Yes. All meeting participants will view your content in real time. They will be able to see you type, move items and interact with your computer as you normally would.

How do meeting hosts screen share?

Screen sharing is a useful tool for any number of situations and industries such as: educational and online courses, sales demonstrations, presentations and reports, training sessions.

Can a screen sharing session be recorded?

Yes. With the click of the record button screen-shared content can be recorded, saved online and shared with anyone at a later date.