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Host your next conference call using an (800) toll-free conference line and be sure your callers join the call at no cost to them. Businesses and organizations rely on toll-free conference calls as a professional courtesy to their callers.
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No minimums or set up fees

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Up to 500 per conference call

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Enterprise plans with volume discounts – Business Toll-Free
If your company relies heavily on toll-free conference calls, contact our sales team for volume-based pricing by using the text chat option at the bottom right for an immediate quote. Vast Conference supports both local and toll-free conference call numbers in 80+ countries. Business Toll-Free can support many users without a fixed monthly cost for each. Pay only for toll-free conferencing minutes used each month.
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Reservationless, toll-free conference calls with 1-800 dial-in for United States and Canada

You can be sure your callers incur absolutely no cost for joining a conference call by giving them the (800) toll-free conference calling number. Coverage for this number includes all 50 United States and Canada. You choose which callers should be using the toll-free number too. Offer it to all your participants or a select few of the overall conferencing participant group.

Be confident with access to conference call numbers in over eighty countries around the world

Attendees abroad can participate in your conference call from almost anywhere. International participants can call a country specific toll-free number and enter the same conference code as others. These toll-free conferencing lines are provided so there’s no cost to the caller.

International Conference Rates
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Dedicated toll-free conference call numbers for every user

The conference calling information given to you is used each time a call is needed and accounts can support multiple users. Our service supports toll-free and toll access to be used on the same call. With Conference Calling, organizers can decide on the (800) toll-free dial-in number for all callers or give it out to a particular set of the overall group and opting for other callers to use the dedicated toll dial-in.

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The difference between a toll-free call and local calls?

A toll-free call does not cost the calling party anything; instead the host covers the cost of the call. When you give callers a toll-free conference number, there’s no worry they’ll be billed long-distance charges for the call. Our service offers a toll-free (800) conference calling number for this purpose.

A toll number is a basic 10-digit US phone number. These numbers may not be free to the caller; standard long-distance charges may apply depending on the caller’s telephone plan. Callers with nationwide long-distance have no cost. We offer toll conference call numbers in 80+ major US cities and the list is growing.