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Phone Conference Controls

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Host Features

1* – Mute All Callers On & Off

Mute all callers except the host and guest speakers to help eliminate background noise.

2* – Lock & Unlock Call

Secure your call by restricting and opening the access to your conference call.

3* – Call Extend On & Off

On by default, turn continuation off so the call ends if / when the host leaves the call.

4* – Mute Your Own Line On & Off

Mute and unmute your own line as needed.

5* – Call Recording On & Off

Record your conference calls to MP3.

6* – Request Names

Have callers say their names before joining the conference call.

7* – Exit Tone On & Off

Turn on or off an exit tone announcing when participants leave the conference.

8* – Total Caller Count

Learn how many callers are connected at a particular time. Only plays to the host.

9* – Entry Notice Off & On

Turn off the audio tone or name announcement when new callers join.

Attendee Features

4* – Mute Your Own Line

Callers can mute and unmute their lines to cut background noise and maintain privacy.

5* – Ask Permission to Speak

Attendees can notify the host of a question using 5*. A question mark will appear next to them in the Conference Manager

Conference Call Dial Out

67* – Conference Call Dial-Out

Dial-out to a participant from the conference call and bring them into it.
Note: Dial-out must be enabled by support.

68* – Dial-Out Connected – Rejoin

Once you’ve reached your participant, hit 68* to rejoin you both into the conference call.

69* – Dial-Out Cancel – Rejoin

If unable to reach your participant or get voicemail, hit 69* to cancel dial-out and return to the conference call.

Special Functions

88* – Join As Co-Speaker

Make sure key speakers can always talk during a call. They must call and enter the conference code then enter 88* and their Speaker Code.

78* – End the Conference Call

This disconnects all callers from the call even with Call Continuation on. You can also End Conference from the Conference Manager.

Conference Call Recording Playback

Use these controls when listening to a previously recorded conference call via playback by phone

Press 1 to pause and play

Press 2 to rewind one minute

Press 3 to fast forward one minute

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