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How To Record A Conference Call

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How do I record my conference call?

The host can turn on recording by pressing 5* on their telephone during the call. A prompt tells everyone on the conference call that recording has started. To turn recording off, press 5* again or end the entire conference call. Conference recording can also be started and stopped from the Conference Manager.

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How many recordings can I make?

There is no limit on the number of recordings for any accounts at the present time.

How long are my recordings hosted online?

Each recording will be stored for at least 1 year.

Can I edit my recording?

Yes. You can download and edit the MP3 file with your own audio editing software. Currently, the file cannot be uploaded back into your Conference Calling account.

Can people listen to my recordings online? How?

Yes. You can make any number of your recordings “Public” then direct your listeners to visit Access Call Recordings and submitting the required information.

Can people listen to recordings by phone?

Yes, you can set a recording to dial-in access which creates a dial-in number and access code to give out. They can listen to your recording at their leisure by phone, pause, fast forward and rewind too.

Can I just email one of my recordings?

Yes. You can email a URL and instruct listeners to open it. To get the link, login to your account and go to Recordings. You’ll need to select the conference code used to make the recording, click on the Podcast icon and copy/paste the first URL shown, then email it.

What if my recording is too big to email?

Most email providers have a 20 MB size limit on attachments and while it’s rare, occasionally files may be too big to download and send on. There’s an easier way. Give access to listeners by sending an RSS link to the recording.

Login to your account and go to “Recordings” then select your conference code and click on the Share icon for your recording. Copy/paste the first URL shown and email it out. A listener can click the link to access to the recording.

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