Recording Conference Calls

You can record a conference call to MP3 and listen to it later using Vast Conference. Recordings are posted to your account and tied to call reports.

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Maybe some of your team members can’t make an important call or you want to review meeting details and reference key points that were addressed after the fact Perhaps you’re creating a great live presentation series that you’ll later repurpose and promote digitally. Whatever your reason, recording a conference call with Vast Conference is easy.

You can record any call as the host. The feature is free to use and you just need to push 5* from the dialpad or click “Record Call” from your Call Manager. A notice prompt will play, letting everyone know the feature is on, and the recording begins instantly.

Your recording will end automatically with the end of your call or you can choose stop it earlier using the same 5* command or clicking the Recording Off icon.

From your account – you’ll see “Recordings” which defaults to your Calls archive. It’s worth noting that it can take up to sixty minutes for a new recording to show, but in this case, it’s here already. And in case you’re looking for a web meeting recording, those will post to your Meetings archive… but we’ll cover that topic in another video.

You can listen in using this custom audio player with typical features like adjusting the volume, fast forward and rewind controls, and quickly jump around using the seek bar.

If you already titled your live call using the Call Manager, that will tie back to your recordings archive and reports. But if not, you can add it here and stay better organized with titles and notes for easy reference later and find them faster using the keyword search.

A few key features to highlight on your call recordings page. The option to download and store your recording elsewhere. You can order a transcription here and have the document prepared and posted back within 24 hours seamlessly.

As part of keeping organized, you can always delete a file that’s no longer needed with a double confirmation to avoid any mishaps. It is removed from your archives list and put into the trash bin where is will remain for 30 days before being completely deleted. If you reconsider deleting a recording, you can recover it from your trash bin within the thirty day grace period but after that, the file is deleted and cannot be recovered.

There are many use cases for recordings, one of them being content marketing where users want to share their recordings with individuals directly or post them to popular social media networks. Changing the status to public is the first step. From there, you can direct people to a lead-gen form from our homepage. This is a great way to keep a log and track who’s listened in, and for how long.

If you prefer that listeners access a recording by phone, just enable dial in access here… then you can hand out a dial in number and access code to callers. And probably the most popular distribution method these days is promoting content on Facebook and Twitter, It takes only a couple clicks. And those are the basics to call recording with Vast Conference. Until next time… thanks for watching.