Online Call Controls

Learn how to use these incredible online conference call controls to manage callers and useful features live during any event.

We’ll cover the Call Manager in this video. The Call Manager is a web interface that lets you view and control your calls live. With it, you can see who’s participating and even talking on your call…. It gives you access to all the main host features and makes some more complex functions like question and answer sessions a cinch.

After starting your call, click the blue “Manage” button on your dashboard and you’ll see all that’s happening a bit more clearly. First off, let’s add a title to this call. This same title will tie back to your reports and recordings archive too.

You can review summary data here and access all your host features along the top turning them on and off with just a click. Blue for on, purple for off. This speaker icon shows me who can and is talking in real-time and this same column lets you mute and unmute different callers when you want.

If you set the service to Request Names when joining the call, the recorded files each post here so you can listen to, and add names in or fill in the blanks later from your reports. It’s good to note here that names added like this are remembered and will show on future calls and reports.

To record a call, I can always push five-star from the phone or turn recording on and off here it. If still running, recordings are automatically stopped at the end of your call too.

Call Continuation is on by default. This means that if you ever dropped off the call as a host, the conference call as a whole is protected and won’t disconnect everyone else. With call continuation on, If you ever dropped off, you can simply dial back in… this is important if you’re using a cell phone where there is potential of losing signal.

Now if, for whatever reason you need it, there is the “Remove User” option to disconnect a caller from an event. When callers exit a call, you’ll see the timestamp posted here. I can lock a conference call for the few times when I want the extra security… and if I’m hosting a larger call, I may turn off the audio tone announcement so new callers join in silently.

Where the Call Manager really comes in handy is managing question and answer sessions. You can avoid the higher costs of operator assisted calls if you use this on your own and with less formal events, this can be a big benefit.

Q&A is easy. Let your callers know to push 5 – Star on their phone if they have a question.. You’ll see them noted here in the Call Manager and now, you know to unmute one attendee at a time by clicking here. The service tells the caller they can speak and once they’ve asked their question, you can mute them back like this.

Finally, when your call is all wrapped up, you can choose to disconnect everyone at once like so. Give the Call Manager a try on your next call. You’ll be a pro in no time. Thanks for watching!