Add Users and Conference Numbers

Learn how to set up conference call service numbers and add users to your account.

Vast Conference makes it easy to get started and build out your account. Let’s walk through it here. The Account section and Admin features covered in this video require you have “Account Administrator” level access.

As an admin you can add users and conference codes to the account any time. You’ll find that managing features and service plans is simple enough with just a few steps. From the dashboard, go to “Account”, which presents you with a list of current and active users, conference codes and service plans.

Adding to your account will start here. This form gives you a couple options, but we’ll cover the most common use-case which is adding a team member and assigning them unique conference call numbers for them to use as needed. If this person is not managing the account, you’ll set their role to “User”, choose the appropriate service plan for them, and click “Create” and an email with user credentials, conference numbers and instructions is sent to them instantly.

Now you can have multiple conference calls running at a given time and avoid any potential scheduling conflicts between users.

Until next time – thanks for watching!