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Conference calling helps you get people on the same page and aligned with team needs quickly.

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Key reasons for operator-assisted conference calling:

prior to joining the call

Participant Information Needed

When you want a list of names and contact info from callers, operator-moderated conference calls are the only way. Operators welcome and collect details from guests before entering the call.

adding callers to event

Large Event Size

We can confirm and reserve conference call capacity for up to 6,000 lines with your scheduled operator event while our instant conference calling allows a maximum 500 callers per conference.

Operator services for a conference call

Let the Professionals Handle It

Our team is polite, courteous and all business. Our conferencing platform is superb and you already have responsibilities like content, planning and the like. We make sure best practices are followed and execute flawlessly.

Access to a wide range of helpful features

You will have help planning and hosting your conference call from start to finish. From planning to inviting guests and greeting them, to speaker introductions and managed question and answer sessions – we’ll be there.

customer service

Let us help

We can assist you in determining the best fit and solutions for your next operator-assisted conference call. Please get in touch.

Specially-Trained Operators

Conference calling operators are specially trained to facilitate your conference call every step of the way. Accessible from around the world, our operator-assisted conference call service offers a huge conferencing capacity.

For scheduled events like investor relations calls and press briefings or smaller calls like board meetings and legal proceedings where dial-out may be required.

lead moderator managing call

Before an Operator-Assisted Event

Your call will be assigned to an event specialist to oversee all the details. They’ll work with you on the greeting and introductions, determine call flow and itinerary and other special considerations. On the day of the event, your specialist, the hosts and other speakers will pre-conference to review final details, outline call flow and confirm introductions.

moderated call greeting and introductions

During Your Live Event

Attendees are greeted by operators or brought in by passcode depending on your preferences. If an operator-assisted conference call, callers are asked to give the information you ask us to collect then we bring them into the call. Your event specialist may remain on your conference call to provide the introductions, ensure call quality and manage the Q&A.

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