Operator Event Extras

Free Extras with Operator Events

  • On Hold Music

    Participants can listen to standard music prior to the start of the operator-managed conference call.

  • Name Announcement

    The conference operator introduces participants as they join the call if requested.

  • Attendee Entry/Exit Tone

    Participants hear a single tone when someone joins and/or exits the operator-managed conference call.

  • Immediately Connected

    Participants can communicate with each other prior to the start of the operator-managed conference call.

  • Roll Call

    The lead moderator conducts a roll call after the conference host joins the call.

  • Moderator First

    The conference host enters the operator-managed conference call before the participants.

  • Moderator Last

    The participants join the operator-managed conference call first, followed by the conference host who joins once everyone is present or at the scheduled start time.

  • Self-Mute

    Participants can mute and un-mute their lines, eliminating noise from callers using cellular phones for example.

  • Polling

    Moderator surveys callers by asking predetermined questions and compiles a report of participant responses. For use with Premium operator-managed conference calls.

  • Question & Answer Session

    Participants pose questions to hosts following a presentation. All lines are muted except the moderators and the participant asking the question. For use with Premium operator-managed conference calls.

  • Conference Call Confirmation

    Each customer receives a confirmation after making a reservation.

Premium Add-Ons

  • Custom Scripts

    Your lead operator will read a short, customized script at various points during the conference call.

  • Sub-Conference Room

    A separate interactive conference that doesn’t interrupt the main call. This can be for technical planning or coordinating last minute details. Some clients can choose to hear the main audio conference at the same time.

  • Pre-Recording Services

    Record a speaker or presenter before the conference call. A great alternative for busy speakers or backup plan.

  • Recording Services

    Have any premium operator-managed conference call recorded for CD’s in a .WAV, MP3 or audio file format. Requires one additional Premium Event Conference port at your per minute rate. Standard shipping fees apply.

  • Digital Replay Service

    Make your recording of the operator-assisted event available to listeners by telephone and collect the names of those callers. Fees based on usage (per participant, per minute).

  • Conference Call Transcription

    Receive a written record of what was said during your operator-managed conference call via email in approximately two business days. Billed in 15-minute increments.

  • Participant List

    Receive up to three fields of standard information per participant gathered at the operator check-in. Compiled into an Excel file, this often includes name, affiliation, location or number of people in the room.

  • Conference Polling Report

    Receive individual polling results for your conference call in an Excel file. 20 characters per field max. Additional Participant List fees apply.

  • Web Conferencing

    Add visuals to your conference call with our best-in-class screen sharing service for real-time presentations with Q&A, file transfer and attendee interaction.

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