Operator-Assist Features

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Confident, Expert Presenters

Our professional care and expertise will be evident right from the start. Our operator-assisted call team handles calls every day ranging from small legal proceeding calls to Fortune 500 investor relations quarterly earnings calls.

Best Practices, Tools & Scripts

We know how best to accomplish goals and execute events flawlessly so you can focus on your messaging and presentation. Our event specialists have the tools to ensure a successful conference call every time. Choose from proven intros, ice breakers, and transition scripts and our experience.

When Flexibility is a Must

We don’t mean that yoga class you’re putting off but we do understand that every event is different and your needs may be very unique. It’s important that you work with a team able to accommodate your specific needs.

Greetings and Attendee ID

A distinct difference from our reservationless service, our operators can greet all your conference attendees, note their name and contact information, check against a pre-approved guest list and send you a complete participant list after the call.

Interactive Q&A

Your lead operator not only introduce your event speakers and confirms complete call quality, they’ll handle the interaction between attendees and speakers during your question and answer session and maintain a well controlled environment.

Large Conference Calls

Our operator event platform is built to scale from small, three person meetings to large conference calls with up to six thousand participants. If you need visuals, look into our screen sharing tool as well.

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