Webcasting to Live Stream Events

Engage employees and customers with live streaming and video webcasts.

Vast Conference offers a total solution to produce and deliver your virtual events.

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Broadcast HD audio, slide content and live video to thousands

Live streaming is an ideal medium for effective audience engagement. Increase your audience and interact remotely with team members, employees, and customers. Easily stream from any device and broadcast online from a branded page, your own website, or intranet.

Webcasts provide efficient and cost-effective communication on a global scale. Webcasting enables virtual events for today’s businesses that require constant communication and sharing of accurate and timely information with employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholders.

Live event streaming from Vast Conference helps you reach larger audiences with both audio streaming and video broadcast events on a reliable webcast platform and distribution network.

No Downloads. No Limits.

Customize effective, engaging presentations with audio, visuals, and video delivered to your audience on a secure cloud network with extremely low latency and high service reliability. No download required. Audiences can attend your online event from anywhere in the world – all they need is a device and an internet connection.

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Automated invite and RSVP
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Branded embeddable player
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Event registration landing page
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Event moderators
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Post-event recording and reporting
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Real-time chat, polling and Q&A
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Cloud Recording

You’ve worked hard to develop the content for your live stream events. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of it. After your event, continue leveraging your presentation as a cloud-based recording available for distribution and playback on any device.

Custom Player

Host live streaming events using our proprietary encoder, real-time networks, and custom player that can be embedded into your own website or intranet. After your live stream concludes, the recorded event is available for download or later playback directly from your cloud archive.

customer success
Dedicated Customer Success

With an array of streaming solutions, professional events services, and technical expertise, Vast has a keen focus on customer support and satisfaction to ensure your message is delivered. Our events team is always here to assist our clients, offering the tools, insights, and best practices we know will make your webcast event a complete success.

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More Cost Effective Than The Competition

Vast Conference’s cloud-based approach leverages the public cloud and real-time network to deliver content globally. Our trusted and reliable platform gives you extremely low latency and resilient streaming quality at unmatched rates.

Use Cases
An ideal platform for government and company-wide townhalls, employee and customer training, global sales and marketing product launches, and more.

Company Communications

Leverage virtual events to inform, update, train, and educate. Organizations of any size can host virtual events that scale to reach up to 25,000 attendees, engaging both employees within the company and external customers.

Webcasting is a successful solution for many of your strategic communications needs. Whether it’s for your quarterly investor relations events, press and product announcements, or internal all-hands, Vast Conference can help to keep everyone informed and up to date.

Invite feedback and gain actionable insights from your audience during live events with attendee polling, surveys, and question-answer sessions. Feel confidant that vital information is being delivered to key members, and encourage interaction across the business.

The Basic Distinctions of Webcasting

What is a webcast?

A webcast is a way for content to be distributed over the internet using high-quality audio and video streaming. Webcasts can either be presented live or pre-recorded and watched on-demand. A webcast is an ideal tool for sharing content with a large audience.

Differences between webcasting and webinars

Webcasts and webinars are presentations that are shared over the internet. Much like a television program, webcasts present video content and/or slides to many viewers at once. The event can be live or pre-recorded for future viewing. With a webcast, there is limited, if any interaction between the viewers and the presenter. Webinars, however, are intended for smaller groups and include interactive features such as Q&As, audience polling, and encourage interaction between the presenter and the audience.

Differences between webcasting and video conferencing

A webcast is a one-to-many presentation shared over the internet. The event may be live or pre-recorded. A webcast does not involve two-way communications between hosts and audience. A video conference is an online substitute for an in-person meeting and allows for multiple attendees to connect via their computer to communicate and participate in the meeting.