Meeting Tools For Sharing

Complement your call using online meeting tools that help present information in a different light.

Hi All, it’s Joy, here again to introduce the latest version of Web Meeting. We’ll do just a quick overview highlighting some key features for you.

Now that I’m logged into Web Meeting and ready to begin sharing, I’ll click the Play button here and decide what’s best for this meeting. Do I need to share my whole screen and flip between a lot of different windows? Or do I just want to present a single application for everyone to see?

For today’s meeting, I’ll share this instance of Chrome and present our recordings interface to the group. I can always pause sharing and make another selection too. Now that I’ve started the meeting, I can lock it here and limit any new participants from entering. Unlocking is just as easy.

And since a few folks couldn’t make it for today’s event, I’m going to record the presentation and send it on to them later. We’ll find the new menu options in the contacts list. This is where I’m able to quickly hand off remote controls or pass on presenter rights to another participant.

Integrated conference calls, chat and file transfer are all consistent and you’ll find some minor enhancements around the invite link and template options here.

We love to hear your feedback so let us know how we’re doing. Until next time, thanks for watching.

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