New Users of Conference Calling

Learn the very simple steps to getting started with Vast Conference and watch how easy hosting conference calls and online meetings can be for you.

Hey this is Joy from Vast Conference, and I’ll be your guide through many of our training videos. To get started, I’ll teach you how to navigate the Dashboard, as a user, and then as an account administrator. So let’s jump in.

To start a new conference call, you can follow these basic steps.Dial into your conference line, enter your conference code, then host code. If you’d like to change your default dial-in number, click the edit button here and follow the selection process.

Now that a call is started, you can click the active “Manage” button to see all your conference participants and access key host features easily. Here’s where you can see the folks talking on your call. You can also mute and unmute individuals, review introductions and add names to participants and to the event itself.

Events can be recorded. To do this, you’d press 5 star from the dialpad or click “Record Call”. When the conference call is finished, the recording is posted shortly after to your Calls archive. And if you’re also a user of our Web Meeting service, you’ll find your recordings with audio and video posted in Meetings. We’ve created a separate video tutorial covering the recording service and features in-depth so let’s keep charging ahead.

We’ve got access to your profile and conference settings up here. You may need to adjust your timezone or personalize your account with a profile picture then you’ll head over to your conference settings to choose your hold music, decide if you’d like to request names on joining or have an audio tone on entry and exit instead.

You’ll find all the countries and dial-in numbers contained in one central place. And useful tools like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar integrations and Web Meeting for online meetings and webinars.

For those of you set up as account administrators, you’ll see the menu option “Account”. It’s the place designed for you to manage users and conference codes, adjust default account settings, review billing activities and keep payment methods up to date.

That covers the basics our dashboard. Check out our other videos where we take a closer look at many of these features.

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Just quality service for your conference calling.