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Branded Messages On Conference Calling

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Can I have a personalized welcome message play on conference calls?

Conference Calling does offer the option to customize the welcome message with a personalized greeting or brand specific welcome. See: Personalized Conference Call Greeting

How do we make the custom welcome message?

You can elect to create the welcome message on your own and upload either a .wav or.mp3 file but most customers choose to have our voice-over talent create their welcome message from a prepared script for a small one-time fee. Contact our sales team for more information on pricing.

How long can I make the welcome message?

The maximum length of a welcome message is 15 seconds. Generally, to keep the messages below 15 seconds you will want the word count at or below 35 words.

How is the custom welcome message added?

Directions are provided under Account then Custom Greetings depending on whether you create your own custom welcome message or give us a script to have professionally created by our voice talent, adding it to your account is the same.

Is a custom welcome message free with service?

Custom welcome messages are a premium feature added onto your regular conference calling service. Please contact our sales team for pricing at 1-888-498-9240 or send us an email to find out more.

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