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How can I see my conference call online?

Once you’ve started your conference call by dialing in as the host, you can log into your account and select “Manage” from your Dashboard. You can view and control conference calls from the web-browser and control each participant and feature, including Question and Answer mode.

How do I mute all callers?

To mute all callers, click “Mute All” from the Conference Manager or select 1* from your dial-pad.

How do I unmute a particular attendee?

Click on the speaker graphic showing the line is muted to toggle it off and unmute the attendee.

How do callers ask a question if muted?

Muted callers select 5* from their dial-pad so you’ll see a question mark next to their name and phone number.

How do I name a caller?

Just click the Edit Name field to label that participant. If you have Name Announce enabled at the start of your conference call, you’ll see a small play button next to each phone number. This is the recorded name of each call. Click play then add the correct name to each number live or in your reports after the call is finished. The names will be stored the next time that caller joins in.

How do I change the Time Zone?

Administrators can login and go to Account then Account Settings to select the preferred time zone from the drop down. As a user, you can go to “Edit Profile” in the top right and you’ll see the option to update time zone there.”

How can I do Q&A?

The Conference Manager lets the host mute the call but have attendees “raise their hand” using 5* on the dial-pad. A question icon displays next to them so the host can unmute them. You can watch a handful of video tutorials from our conferencing help section and get other tips for managing large conference calls.

You may also elect to host an online meeting with your group which gives you direct messaging to the conference host to receive participant questions and address on the conference call portion of the web conferencing event.

Why does the name of a caller show up multiple times?

Conference Calling relies on Caller ID to display a caller’s telephone number, and name if you add it. If you enter the name of a caller with the same number as another caller or no number (due to the number being blocked) the name is attributed and repeated.

Why is a phone number displaying Private Caller?

Our system displays what is received by Caller ID. We have no control over what is sent to us from the upstream provider to display for a caller.

I’m not able to unmute some of my callers, what gives?

To maintain order and help ensure the best possible audio quality, no more than 50 callers will have the rights to talk at a particular time. Callers beyond the initial 50 who joined will be placed on mute automatically. You do have options; you can give required speakers the Guest Speaker Code, manage attendee speaking rights from the Web-Interface or simply ask callers to put themselves in listen only mode using 4* from their phones.

If you prefer to have our team manage your next event instead, you can learn more about our operator managed events today.

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