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Calling Out to Conference Participants

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Can the host dial-out and bring someone in?

You can dial-out directly to someone with a U.S. telephone number and bring them into the conference call. The dial-out feature must be enabled for your account. This feature does not work for calling internationally.

How do I get dial-out turned on?

Once logged into the account click “Accounts” at top then “Account Settings” then turn Dial Out option to ON but it’s not on by default for new conference call accounts.

How do I dial-out to someone?

The host can select 67* to start dial-out. The conference calling service will ask you to enter the telephone number next.

Once I reached them, how do we rejoin the call?

To rejoin the conference call after successfully reaching your intended attendee, you’ll need to select 68* and you’ll both be brought into the call. You will also find Dial-me options in our new screen sharing application shortly. This is a perfect solution for collaboration and online meetings.

What do I do if I don’t reach them or get a voicemail?

It happens … sometimes you’ll reach a voicemail instead of your intended participant. Select 69* to cancel dial-out and return back to the conference call.

So I can only dial-out to a U.S. telephone number?

There’s no international dial-out option. International participants will need to call into the service using either our local country numbers, toll-free dial-in or dedicated U.S. conference call lines. Also consider our Operator-Assisted Conference Call services.

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