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Help With Operator Facilitated Events

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What are the differences between reservationless and operator-assisted calls?

Reservationless conference calls are automated using a dial-in number and 6 digit access code. There’s no human interaction on a reservationless call. Operator-assisted conference calls have our specially trained event staff working directly with you and your attendees. They’ll greet them, collect participant contact information, introduce the call and speakers and manage Q&A all the while, making sure your call is going as expected.

What factors determine why I need an operator-assisted call?

If you need a conference call with more than 500 callers, you’ll need to use our operator-assisted platform; and if you’ll need to know exactly who’s on the call by collecting personal information from each caller, you’ll need to use our operator-assisted platform.

Will the operator stay on the conference call to help us throughout?

Yes, your lead operator will remain on the call to manage transitions, question and answer, attendee polling and speaker introductions with all premium events.

Will operators collect information from participants?

Our operator team will greet attendees and collect up to 3 fields of information from each caller before joining them into the conference call. The list of attendees and information collected can be provided to you after the event. This is part of our Premium Event service.

Can I provide a pre-approved attendee list?

Yes, our team is well versed in coordinating callers with a pre-approved list of participants to ensure that only valid guests are attending.

Can I have the call recorded?

Yes, your conference call can be recorded and an MP3 file provided to you immediately after the event. For a complete list of add-on services, please visit operator event extras.

Can I communicate directly with the lead operator throughout the call?

A communications line can be setup to talk directly with your lead operator at any time or you can always reach the team by pressing 0 during the call.