Conference Call Recording

Recording your conference calls for immediate recollection and later playback is simple. When your call is recorded, you can play, pause, rewind and fast-forward through recordings from your archive dashboard and quickly distribute to others as needed.

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Conference Recording Dashboard

Record your conference calls free of charge. Play, pause, rewind and fast-forward through recordings from your archive dashboard. There’s no special equipment needed. With Conference Calling, you simply press the buttons (5 and *) on your dial-pad and you’ll start recording instantly.
Free call recording

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recording for lead generation

Lead Generation with Recordings

Conference calls, presentations and interviews make excellent resources and marketing materials. Create marketing content, how to’s and canned presentations to promote your business or expertise. You can promote your content online and direct listeners to lead form, then tally up your leads with automated online reports.

Access conference call recording by phone

Recording Dial-In by Phone

Make conference call recordings available by telephone so people can dial-in at their own convenience and listen. Compliment your online options with the telephone dial into recordings and cover all your bases. Access to recording by phone is a great feature for participants that couldn’t make the live call and times when you want to broadcast and promote a pre-scripted call or training session.

Share recordings on social media

Promotion and Marketing on Social Networks

Quickly promote your conference call recordings to followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook. Your MP3 recordings can be submitted with a single click in the recording dashboard and made public for anyone to listen to online. You can also setup recording for dial-in by phone and distribute the access number and code through your social networks too.

conference call recording transcription

Recording Transcription

Record your next conference call and have our transcription service create a full transcript of it.

audio call reports

Playback Stats

Review reports and analyze your recording playback traffic including listener information and actions.

custom conference call greeting

Custom Greeting

Have your very own custom greeting to welcome conference call attendees each time they dial-in.

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