Setting Up a Conference Call

January 22, 2019

How To Set Up A Conference Call

  1. Dial in to join your conference call at the appointed time
  2. Invite participants to join by sending your dial-in number and conference code via email, calendar invite or instant message.
  3. Choose a date and time of your conference call
  4. Select the right dial-in numbers for your participants
  5. Set up a conference calling account

Now that you know the basic set up steps, let’s review in a bit more detail about how you can have your best conference call. 

Setting up a Conference Call

How do I set up a conference calling account?

Start with a 14-day free trial. Once your trial ends, choose the right calling plan for your needs. We offer affordable plans for individuals to enterprise-level corporations. 

How do I locate my conference call numbers?

Log in to your conference calling account with your email and password. The dashboard shows your dedicated dial-in, conference code and host code. 

Does my conference call number stay the same?

Your conference call dial-in number, conference code and host code are dedicated to you for use any time you want to host a conference call.  

How do I select the right dial-in numbers for my participants?

Are you hosting a toll or toll-free call? (Learn the difference) If it’s a toll-free call, you can give your toll-free number to all your callers and they will be able to connect from wherever they are at no cost to them. 

If hosting a toll conference call, you can either select a local number near your business to give to everyone or distribute local numbers for each area your callers are joining from. Many calling plans now include unlimited long-distance calling, so most of our customers choose to use one dial-in number for each caller in the U.S. 

Check out tips on hosting international callers. 

How do I schedule a conference call?

Run a conference call now or schedule calls for the future. Give attendees the date and time you’ve planned, along with the dial-in number and conference code. Copy and paste your dial-in information from your admin dashboard and send it manually via email or instant message. 

Can I schedule a conference call from my calendar?

Create email invites instantly! Schedule and send out conference call and online meeting invites from your Outlook or Google Calendar. The invite includes one-click meeting access for easy mobile participation. 

Hosting Your Conference Call 

How do I host a conference call?

After you are logged in, enter your dedicated dial-in number, conference code and host code to open the conference. Your callers will be placed in a waiting room if they dial in before you do. Once you join you can start your call! 

How do I manage my conference call?

Click MANAGE located under your host code to link to the Call Manager Web Interface. Now you can: 

  • Access all host features 
  • See who is on the call, can and is talking in real time 
  • Mute and unmute callers 
  • Add names  
  • Set Call Continuation so your call is protected and won’t disconnect if you drop off
  • Manage Q&A sessions

For presentation tips and conference scripts, visit How to Run a Conference Call Like a Seasoned Pro. 

Managing Your Conference Calling Account

What kind of conference call reports are available?

Via the Reports link on the dashboard, you can review reports on calls, meetings, and recordings. Click on a specific call to review call duration (minutes used), participants and their entry and leave times and telephone numbers. 

What is the difference between a User and an Account Admin?

Users can: 

  • Manage their own calls and recordings 
  • Adjust their profile and conference settings

Account Admins can: 

  • Add, edit and delete users and conference codes 
  • Enable service plans and account features 
  • Manage billing

Now you are ready to set up, host and manage your conference calls! Reach out to our Customer Support Team or check out our Getting Started page for any additional questions. We’re here to help!