Guide to Running International Conference Calls

By Jamie Davidson · April 19, 2016

International Conference Call Tips

In our hyper-connected world, it’s common to host meetings for participants across the globe – and often in a moment’s notice. We know how crucial it can be for your business to provide convenient communication options to colleagues and clients around the world.

Whether your U.S. team needs to include one person in China for an important call or manage callers dialing in from every continent, you’ll be able to make it happen seamlessly. Our telecom network offers reliable service and clear audio quality, wherever your callers are.

Your choices:

  • Local international number
  • Toll-free international number
  • Some combination of the two

On every call, you can select which number may work best for each individual participant.

An option that is more cost-effective to the host is a local in-country number. These numbers tend to be a great compromise for most customers. Callers dial a local country-specific number – it’s not toll-free, but it isn’t calling overseas either. For example, if your caller is in the U.K., they will dial a local U.K. number to reach your conference, avoiding the long-distance costs of dialing a U.S. number with country code +1 from another country.

Your callers may appreciate a toll-free international number. Your participants can join a call from almost anywhere they reside or their travels take them. International conference participants will dial a country-specific number and enter the same conference code as US callers. The toll-free international conference lines are funded by the host at no cost to the international caller. We support over 70 countries and counting.


Toll-Free International Services Require Activation

International conference numbers need to be activated prior to initial use if you are using a toll-free number (toll numbers are available anytime). To request toll-free international services, please contact our support team. Service will be available within 24 hours of your request. International numbers are not available on trial accounts. If you have any questions about our international conferencing service, please contact us.

Don’t forget:

  • Offer web conferencing if a visual element will help enhance your presentation and get everyone on the same page, faster.
  • Coordinate time zones – double check that the time you select for your international call is convenient and reasonable for everyone.
  • Confirm your countries are available – view current rates.

Our international services are here to help you reach your team better and more efficiently. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to activate service.


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