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How to Run Conference Call Q&A Sessions

Jessica WeissJessica Weiss

Conference Call Q&ARun a live Q&A session that makes a difference

If you’re hosting an important conference call and choose to run a question and answer session during the call, make sure you’re prepared to take questions in an orderly fashion that benefits your participants. No one enjoys calls where callers talk over each other, or those in which some people get question time while others do not due to time constraints. Consider your Q&A plan carefully so everyone takes something useful away from the session (instead of leaving frustrated or bored)!

Not only will you want to understand how the conference call technology works so your event goes seamlessly, but you’ll also want to prepare how you approach taking questions and answers so your audience gets the most out of the event.

How to run a Q&A session with Conference Calling

First things first, run several test calls so you know that you can manage the Q&A call technology smoothly. Or, designate a different call host who can manage the Q&A while you speak as a guest speaker.

  1. When you’re ready for your question and answer session to begin,  let your callers know that everyone will be muted. Then, dial 1* or mute all callers in the Call Manager if they aren’t muted already.
  2. When callers have a questions, ask them to dial 5* to “raise their hands.” You’ll see that they have a question next to their name in the Call Manager.
  3. If a caller is muted and you’d like to take their question, unmute them in the Call Manager. They will hear a notification, “Line Unmuted” and know it’s their turn to speak. You may also want to consider announcing to the group, “John, I’ll take your question now.”
  4. Once they’ve asked their question, you’re welcome to mute them again before you answer.
  5. Once you’ve finished the answer, you can repeat this process with the next question-holder until all questions are answered or until your time is  up.

Our top tips for success

Running question and answer sessions on your conference calls can be a great way to connect with your participants and spread knowledge to all members of the group. As long as you’re organized and focused, your sessions will enrich your event for all who attend!

Jess is Vast Conference's Marketing & Communications Manager. Reach out on Twitter @jweiss44.

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