The Benefits of Operator-Assisted Conference Calls

By Jamie Davidson · March 22, 2016

When to Use Operator-Assisted Conference Calls

When the time comes to blow the socks off your clients, investors, or membership, you should leave nothing to chance.

Would you run the Boston marathon without proper running shoes, water, & training? Would you sit for an important job interview without getting to know the company, preparing your resume, and dressing appropriately first? Nope. Not if you wanted to perform well or make a good impression.

Same goes for those critical investor-relations calls, quarterly board meetings or company-wide sales training events.

For those exclusive events and year-making moments, an operator-assisted conference call may be the right choice to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

What are operator-assisted conference calls?

Operator-assisted conference calls are led by specially-trained conference operators. They are uniquely qualified to handle various types of VIP conference call scenarios and high-touch events.

If you have a complex or large call volume meeting, the operator will manage all mechanics for you. This way, you don’t have to be concerned with participation, technical challenges, or managing live question and answer sessions.

We’ve all been on the awkward calls that don’t start on time. Or calls that begin with the host yelling, “Can you hear me?” With an operator on your side, you can feel confident that none of those deal-breaking situations happen to you.

After you and the operator have planned the event together, you will meet with the rest of your presenters in our pre-conference green room to go over final event details. If you choose, the operator can dial-out to any key participants you’ve elected to include. The operator will also facilitate any custom introductions or instructions to the callers once the event begins. Lastly, the operator will monitor call quality – and troubleshoot any last minute challenges – for you.

You may also choose to host an operator-moderated question and answer session. Meanwhile, you can focus on the content of the call instead of the process of answering your caller’s questions. You can be in complete control of your event while still allowing for an interactive element.

Once the call ends, you can also request a call recording, participant list, and event transcription to share.

When you need an operator-assisted conference call

Certain types of specialty calls often require the extra service provided by an operator-managed call.

  • Highly-sensitive: Investor relations, earnings reports, and legal proceedings often require a higher level of service so everything goes exactly according to plan.
  • VIP guests & press tours: If you have a prominent or celebrity guest interacting with the press or other important groups, you may need the extra confidence that an operator can provide to ensure the call works smoothly.
  • Company-wide town halls: Most C-Suite executives don’t want to mess with dial-in numbers or facilitating guests when running a large company update meeting. Operators can help simplify this process for them.

Benefits you receive with an operator-assisted conference call

Accurate participant list

Operators can collect up to three fields of information from each caller. That way, you know exactly who was on your call and will get a report to refer to later on.

Approved attendees only

If you have a sensitive call, your operator can check every caller off your list before allowing them into the call.

Custom introductions

Your operator can read a custom introduction to your call and personally announce and welcome your guest speakers.

Moderated Q & A

If you’re running a question and answer session, your operator will unmute callers who have questions and introduce them individually to the call.

Large attendee count

If you have over 500 participants, you’ll need an operator to keep the call running smoothly. Operator-assisted calls can handle up to 6,000 participants.

Further customization

Need a unique access code for each participant? That can be arranged, along with other custom featured, via an operator-managed call.

What are reservationless conference calls?

If your meetings are not so high-touch, pressure-packed, large or involved… then the simplicity and flexibility of a reservationless call may be right for you.

With a self-moderated, instant conference call, you can start a call at any time. Just give your participants your unique conference number and guest access code, and you’re good to go.

You can manage your call directly from your phone (with dial-pad controls) or via our web admin portal. The neat thing about the web admin portal is that you can see who’s on the line, who’s talking, and who has asked a question in real-time online. You can event mute & unmute callers right from your browser! That means that your star saleswoman’s hungry labradoodle won’t yap your deal into oblivion again.

Whether you need a specialized, high-touch experience or simply a highly-reliable conferencing tool, we have custom solutions that will meet your needs.


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