Customize More of Your Conference Call

April 1, 2013

We’re proud to announce some subtle but very useful enhancements to our default settings options.

Under My Account> Account Settings, you’ll notice some new options available in your Default Conference Settings section allowing you to select how callers are joined into your conference.

How is this useful?

Everybody has preferences, with these new flexible entrance options, you’ll get to choose whether an announcement tone is played when an attendee joins the conference, or their name is recorded and broadcast to the conference, broadcasted to the host line only, or not broadcasted at all and just recorded for later reference.

Whichever your preference, the choice is now available to you. Let’s cover each one of the new features so you can better understand how each one works.

Standard Default Entry – Our standard join process requests only the six digit conference code from a participant as they dial-in. Once entered, the caller is brought into the conference call. If you’d prefer to request and record the names of attendees, you’ll turn on “Request Names on Entry”.

Request Names On Entry – When turned on it requires attendees to record their name prior to joining the conference. You can then decide in the New Entrance Announcement section whether you would like the recording of their name broadcast at all, only to the host line or to the entire conference call.

Exit Tone On/Off – It’s a rare request but if you’d like an audio tone played when an attendee exits from the conference call, you can turn the feature on and an exit tone will be played each time an attendee leaves your call. By default this feature is turned off.

New Entrance Announcement

Audio Tone – Audio tone is played when a new attendee joins your conference.

Name Announced (Host) – Will require attendee to record their name prior to joining your conference and their name is broadcast only to the host line. Recorded names are also posted next to each caller in the online conference manager and in your call reports for later playback. (Request Names must be turned on to use this feature)

Name Announced (All) – Same as above, but the attendees name would be broadcast to the entire conference as a new attendee is brought into the conference.

Silence – Attendees join in silent mode, no audio tone or name announcement is played.


Why would I want to record the names but not have them broadcasted into the conference?
Some people prefer to have an interruption free conference, but at the same time still want to know the name of each caller on their call so they can go back and label that caller or add them into their contacts book. These new features now make this possible. Simply turn on Request names on Entry and select either Audio Tone or Silence for the New Entrance Announcement.

Will these Default Conference Settings be applied to all conference codes in my account?
Yes, these default settings are account level settings, which apply to all codes in your account.

What is Call Continuation?
Allows for the host to disconnect from the conference and allow for the call to continue on. This feature is on by default.

What is Conference Mode?
You can elect to have your conference start in conversation mode where all attendees are unmuted with speaking rights, or you can start the call in lecture mode, where all attendees are muted and only the host and guest speakers are able to speak. Lecture mode is best suited for large calls with many participants.