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Our Top 5 Webinar Ideas

Jessica WeissJessica Weiss

Top Webinar Ideas


You’re hosting a webinar! You’re pumped up about your topic, you’re preparing your visuals, and you’ve found a speaker or two.

But the question is: what’s the best format to keep your audience interested throughout — and your content shining through?

We’ve compiled our top webinar formats for inspiration. Read on for engaging ways to structure your next webinar.

“Webinars are extremely powerful for drawing in and keeping in touch with prospects. They showcase your brand’s expertise in your industry and give your company a human voice, literally.” -Drew Hendricks, Forbes

As always when planning a webinar, make sure that your technology platform works (test it!). Create engaging visuals too, including videos, live screen sharing, animations, charts, and anything else that will keep your audience’s attention. And don’t forget to collect and follow up with those leads!

Jess is Vast Conference's Marketing & Communications Manager. Reach out on Twitter @jweiss44.

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