How to Work Webinars into Your Marketing Mix

By Jamie Davidson · September 13, 2016

A webinar isn’t just a one-trick pony. There is a multitude of webinar formats that you can use to effectively reach your target audiences. If you’d like a primer on what a webinar is, check out our accompanying post.

“This channel delivers a high return on a relatively low investment…webinars effectively influence decision makers in organizations that make big-ticket purchases. In fact, 75% of these executives attend at least one webinar a month and 77% said webinars have influenced their decision to consider a vendor.” – Elliot Schimel, Forbes Agency Council

Let’s review which type of webinar you should use to interest, engage, educate or motivate your audience.

When to Use a Webinar

Product Demos

Basic – Offer simple, How To, educational webinars to get new customers up-to-speed on the best way to use your product or service. Customers love the opportunity to learn and see examples from the company. This also allows you to show off your customer service capabilities with a Q&A session at the end.

Advanced – Does your product have a lot of different sections, versions, or use cases? Break each topic out into its own webinar. This way, customers can find the topic most relevant to their need, learn about it in a short chunk of time, and move to the next topic at their own pace.

Case Study Series

Partner with some of your most successful customers to share their stories. These sessions could be segmented by industry or usage type. Ideally, secure a live speaker from their team. Or, ask them to record a short video that you can include in your webinar presentation. Walk the audience through their problem and how your company helped solve it. Take questions at the end.

Industry Round Tables

You’re never too far along in your career to learn something new. Many times we get caught in our own business bubble. Bring together colleagues and industry thought leaders for a live discussion. This is a great opportunity to uncover POVs, share success stories, and discuss solves for common issues. This is also a great way to promote various businesses. It’s a learning and marketing solution all rolled into one.

New Product Announcements

Are you introducing a new product? Consider revealing your new products with an exclusive webinar. Drum up interest by offering a special deal for those that attend the product announcement, and find a fun and surprising way to show off your new goods. Host a Q&A session if appropriate.

Lunch ‘n Learns

Consider recording bite-sized webinars for those who like to learn on the go. Is there an interesting topic or product hack you can explore in 5-15 minutes? If recorded, your audience can play back when they have time, during their lunch break or commute.

As always when planning a webinar, make sure that your technology platform works (test it!). Create engaging visuals too, including videos, live screen sharing, animations, charts, and anything else that will keep your audience’s attention. And don’t forget to collect and follow up with those leads!

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