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Compare Conference Call Vendors – How to Reduce Conference Calling Costs

Jessica WeissJessica Weiss

How to lower your conference call costs

Compare conference call vendors – how to reduce conference calling costs

Many legacy conference calling providers charge exorbitantly for every service you use. Call minutes? Recording? Playing the recording? Needing support? Yes, you may be charged for that. It’s no surprise you end up feeling nickled-and-dimed for using a service that’s important for helping you conduct business efficiently.

The good news is that you aren’t trapped. Here at Conference Calling we believe in providing an excellent service, offering value and transparent billing with as many pricing efficiencies as possible.

Look for the following items on your bill to see where you can be saving major dollars on your conferencing:

Huh, what’s that? A “Service Support Surcharge”? Paying to contact support, whether or not you actually contact them, does not make sense. Often when you do need support, the support you receive is hard to get with long hold times and impersonal assistance. We’re into support that is responsive and helpful for free.

Does your conferencing provider hit you with a minimum connection fee every time you host a call less than some arbitrary number of minutes? Does a 2-minute call in wind up costing you a flat minimum of 20 minutes per caller or worse, a flat rate?

It’s quite useful to record your calls for those who can’t attend at the appointed time or who need crucial information later on. It’s less useful when those recordings cost you an arm and a leg and you’re stuck paying the price or trying to rig up a haphazard recording system with your iPhone, MacGyver-style. Recordings should be free and easily shareable in the 21st century.

Even more ludicrous than the recording fee itself is the dreaded recording playback fee. Every time someone needs to hear the content of your call, up goes your bill. That doesn’t seem fair – you own your own call and should be able to play and share as you wish.

Are you getting charged to integrate Skype with your account? Hmm. There’s probably a better way to connect than paying for both Skype and Conferencing.

Have you noticed a fee for additional conference lines? It makes sense to pay for the services you use, but paying for the sole number of lines in your account doesn’t seem fair. Make sure you’re only paying for the usage of each line, not the existence of each line in your account on its own.

Do you know what these charges are for? We don’t either. Investigate before you pay these types of vague add-ons.

While transcription services certainly cost money, make sure you’re getting a fair rate. What’s the per-minute transcription rate? Can you reduce this cost if you don’t need your transcription right away or find another provider who will do it for less?

In today’s world it seems ridiculous to be charged for your own invoice. This service should be built into their service, not passed on to you.

Need to add another caller beyond what your call plan allows? You might get dinged every time an extra caller joins your call. Make sure your plan includes the correct number of callers for your needs before you host your conference.

How big of a difference can these fees make? It sounds crazy, but the reality is that it’s not uncommon for Conference Calling to save clients upwards of 70% on their monthly bills.

An invoice audit can make a big difference in your bottom line. It’s worth exploring what every line item is and if it’s really necessary for the service you’re receiving.

Ready to give it a try? See how much you could save by requesting a free invoice audit and starting your free trial.

Jess is Vast Conference's Marketing & Communications Manager. Reach out on Twitter @jweiss44.

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