How Conferencing Services Benefit Small Businesses

By Jamie Davidson · January 31, 2019

Ever wonder where some of the cool tech we use every day came from? Working in the communications biz, I was amazed to learn that the first video conferencing technology was showcased way, waaaaay back in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair! (My mom was there too!). When Bell Laboratories premiered its Mod 1 Picturephone, users could demo the transcontinental call in New York City and see the person on the other end of the line at Disneyland in California. Obviously, the Picturephone didn’t take off – scheduling calls and exorbitant cost issues halted its uptake. Some things never change.

During the next decades of technological advancement, computers for telephony did become smaller and less expensive, yet were for many years only accessible to enterprise corporations who had the budget and the need for global communications. But with 21st-century technology powering communication and collaboration software, the benefits of high-quality audio and video conferencing services are available, accessible, and affordable for businesses of all sizes and stages of growth. Smaller companies especially are finding that video conference services can: build their brand image, enhance collaboration, boost productivity, and ultimately cut costs. Here’s a closer look at why a conference calling solution is a beneficial addition to your startup or small business.

Image is Everything

No matter the size or stage of growth, every company aspires to project an image of authority and professionalism. For a smaller business or a company just starting out, that may be easier said than done. But utilizing a conferencing service can aid in associating your business with industry expertise and value. Communicating and collaborating with clients, customers, or potential investors via a conference call or online meeting projects sophistication and competency. Incorporating conferencing tools into your communications strategy also conveys that your brand is technologically sophisticated. More than 90% of customers will stop doing business with a company that uses outdated technology. Using up-to-date tools can help you address these concerns and position your company as tech-savvy, forward-thinking, and solution-oriented.

In the past, conferencing solutions were a burden to set up, manage, and required significant internal tech support. Cloud-based technology has simplified SaaS on-boarding, integration, and implementation. But, don’t tell your clients! Many businesses don’t realize how easy it is to use today’s conferencing technology. Meaning that using cutting-edge conferencing solutions can make your company look like you have an advanced mastery of business tools – promoting more confidence in your business.

Collaborate and Demonstrate

Professionalism and overall “Got Your Stuff Togetherness” is especially important for smaller companies and startups looking to make a significant impression on new prospects or investors. For a startup without a well-known reputation, your first impression is everything. Using sophisticated conferencing software for these high-priority interactions can be the difference between making a positive impact and losing an opportunity forever.

Reliable collaborative tools also facilitate collaboration and ideation with cross-functional teams, freelancers, multiple departments and remote employees. Not only are projects developed and presented via screen sharing and also video conferencing, but solid partnerships and relationships are fostered.

Increase Productivity

Ideally, the tools we use and the solutions we incorporate into our business practices help us become more cooperative, more creative, and more engaged. In this case, it’s great to have more cooks in the kitchen- a virtual kitchen that cuts down on the need for emails, the number of meetings, and the time-suck of travel. With online meetings and screen sharing, content and creations can be shared and worked on collaboratively and simultaneously.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

In an age of cloud technology, the cost and accessibility of conferencing tools have fallen dramatically, putting communication and collaboration services within the budget of virtually any small business. Conferencing solutions can be set up using VoIP technology minimizing equipment, installation, and utility costs. Video conference solutions have likewise provided a lower-cost alternative to room conferencing solutions -shifting a burden off of internal IT support.

Small businesses can now access the same technology as larger competitors, with plans customized to their specific needs. Scalable pricing puts conferencing within the range of any business’s budget. No matter how many employees you have, or plan to have there’s a price point designed for your needs. Reap the benefits of conferencing software and share your small business-savvy (and the story of the Picturephone) with customers and clients – preferably on a conference call!

We’re here to answer any questions about how conferencing technology can benefit your small business and get you started with a free 14-day trial today.


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