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Single Sign-On Options

Feel confident that your content and conferencing are secure with a single sign-on login. Allow users to access their conference calling and web meeting service with one single set of credentials across all devices.

Avoid Bad Password Creation and Management

Single sign-on takes the burden of creating the most secure password and login credentials off of the user. Additionally, single sign-on users don’t have to write down, remember, memorize or repeatedly change a forgotten password.

Take the Burden Off of IT

If users are not allowed to reset their password, the burden of changing password and log in credentials falls to the IT department. With single sign-on the IT admin doesn’t need to attend to time consuming password resets and help requests.

Increase End-User Adoption

Employees are more apt to use a service if they know where it is located and how to log in. With all apps and services in one location with one single sign-on, employees are similarly familiar with and use the same system. Onboarding and adoption are made simple.

Productivity Increase

With a faster log in process employees can access the services they need, frustration free. Single sign-on allows employees to access their audio and video conferencing service quickly and easily so they make their online meetings on time.

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