Stick To Your Professional New Year Resolutions

January 10, 2019

2019 is finally here and back to work water cooler cavorting is rife with New Year’s resolution banter. Who’s getting healthy? Who’s saving more money? Who’s vying for a promotion? Did you know that resolutions don’t just have to be personal in nature? Creating professional resolutions and sticking to them can result in accelerated growth for your career and your company.

As you likely know (some of us from experience), most people don’t follow through with their resolutions.

How to Write a Job Description

July 20, 2018

Too often, employers view job descriptions as pragmatic, informative tools for job placement ads. Consequently, most turn out to be lengthy, dense, and uninspiring laundry lists of qualifications you’re looking for that leaves candidates confused about how working for you actually benefits them. Ineffective job descriptions result in high turnover rates and hours of wasted employee training, which today totals $1,252 per employee.

So, before investing in employee morale boosters,

The Best Onboarding Plan for New Employees

February 7, 2018

The onboarding process can set the tone for a new hire’s whole tenure. These onboarding best practices will help you integrate your new colleague immediately. (Take a look at our checklist to help you get started)

What to do during orientation

Every new hire has to go through a formal, well-planned orientation session, where managers tell new hires about the company policies and team-wide expectations. Orientation is also the time to handle mundane matters like paperwork.

Making Meetings Accessible for Colleagues with Disabilities

January 4, 2018

If you’re working in a new capacity with a colleague with a disability, you may have questions about how to address their needs. You and your organization can easily make appropriate accommodations whether you’re working with them remotely or in person. Here’s how to respectfully hold meetings with or onboard a disabled colleague.

Set Up Remote Communications

If your colleague can work remotely, they will be able to use the services (like care from family) and equipment (like rails or wheelchair-accessible countertops) they have set up at home.

The Best Software for Today’s Freelance Workforce

September 13, 2017

As a freelancer, time is your most valuable resource. You probably got into freelancing because you wanted to set your own hours and enjoy a flexible schedule. Yet there’s a lot of time-consuming side work you have to finish in order to do your actual job. You are your own administrative assistant, salesperson, and CFO.

The services we recommend here will help you cut that administrative time dramatically.

Invoicing and Finance

We’re all familiar with the windfall week.

Communications Tips For Professors

August 29, 2017

You can avoid a lot of higher education’s nuisances and headaches with the help of internet tools and software. Here’s how communications technology can make your department run smoother, your office hours more effective, and your students more engaged.

Some of the software we recommend will require a modest investment by your institution, but it’s nothing that will break a department’s bank. They’re the kind of thing that you should be able to convince your chair and colleagues to try out.

The Health Coach Who Only Work Remote

August 15, 2017

After Julia Sarver transitioned from the nonprofit world to health coaching, she wasn’t enjoying coaching as much as she thought she would. Sarver had a full client list, but her schedule was all wrong.

Sarver had 9-to-5 hours in a rented office. She’d have a flurry of meetings one day and a handful of sessions that were several hours apart on the next. Cancellations were frequent, and scheduling was a hassle for her and clients.

Conference Call Agenda Templates For Any Situation

April 18, 2017

Who Needs a Meeting Agenda?

Every successful conference call starts with a meeting agenda.

  • Before the call, the agenda tells participants what they need to prepare.
  • During the call, the agenda keeps the discussion on-topic and on-time.
  • After the call, the agenda is a reference, documenting decisions and assignments.

A good agenda does more than just list items—it drives effective action.