The Sales Process: Best Communication Practices for Every Stage

Kurt Birkenhagen July 6, 2018

Sales communications are notorious for being overly scripted, sales-y, and features-focused. If these are the qualities of your current sales messaging efforts, tear up your script. It’s hard enough to attract attention with videos, flashy graphics, and attractive models. Aggressive sales calls and spammy-sounding emails won’t cut it. However, you can cut through the noise by using communication strategies mined from sales experts who’ve carefully perfected their craft over decades.


After a lead expresses interest in your product or service,

The Best Software for Today’s Freelance Workforce

Kurt Birkenhagen September 13, 2017

As a freelancer, time is your most valuable resource. You probably got into freelancing because you wanted to set your own hours and enjoy a flexible schedule. Yet there’s a lot of time-consuming side work you have to finish in order to do your actual job. You are your own administrative assistant, salesperson, and CFO.

The services we recommend here will help you cut that administrative time dramatically.

Invoicing and Finance

We’re all familiar with the windfall week.

Avoid These Disastrous Earnings Call Screw-Ups

Kurt Birkenhagen June 21, 2017

Earnings calls are simple. A CFO reads some financial data, and friendly stock analysts ask him a few questions. The format and technology are decades-old.

But earnings calls have one weakness—humans.

All earnings calls depend on a human operator to authorize call-in guests, introduce the CFO, and put questioners on the line. A single off-site operator’s miss-pressed button can embarrass a multinational company with thousands of employees.

We use experienced operators so that these mistakes don’t happen to our clients.

Must-Haves For A Productive Kickoff Meeting

Kurt Birkenhagen June 7, 2017

When you kick off a project, you’re really forging a new company. This company won’t have its own letterhead, or have an earnings call, but, like any company, it needs:

  • A well-defined mission
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Motivated, fully-informed employees

In a project kickoff meeting, you put these three things in place.

The Mission

“The magic of a kickoff is to establish a common history and understanding of the project,”

What Is A Webinar?

Kurt Birkenhagen May 23, 2017

If you work in marketing and sales, talking directly to customers is the best way to meet your revenue goals. How can technology help?

You can speak to audiences directly over social media, but none of the major platforms lend themselves to nuance or complexity. It’s hard to get out everything you want to say in 140 characters or 60 seconds of video. Maybe you’ve reached the point where social media can’t communicate a part of your message.

The 10 Best Presentation Tips for Professionals

Jamie Davidson October 10, 2016

Are you prepared to give a presentation or host a webinar? Presenting may not come naturally to everyone, but with practice and preparation, it does get easier. Whether you’re presenting in person or via an online meeting or video conference, keep these tips from presentation experts in mind as you’re getting ready. The more thoughtful preparation you do, the better your session will be.

Ten Expert Presentation Tips 1 The early bird really does get the worm

“Don’t fumble with PowerPoint or hooking up a projector when people are waiting for you to speak.

Spread Your Message at Events Using Collaboration Tools

Jamie Davidson September 27, 2016

Share your next event with conference calling and screen sharing tools

Hosting a workshop? Attending a conference? Organizing a social gathering?

Event marketing continues to be an extremely popular marketing tactic – and for good reason. Many B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy because the promotion helps to increase brand awareness while also fostering important personal relationships.

“Event marketing is no longer about creating sales pitch opportunities.

How to Run Conference Call Question & Answer Sessions

Jamie Davidson September 20, 2016

Many important conference calls are most successful with a question and answer session at the end of the presentation. This provides the opportunity for meeting attendees to expand upon ideas that were delivered by the call host or presenters. As well as, inquire about any content that wasn’t fully explained or covered.

However, a Q&A session is not a free for all. Make sure you’re prepared to take questions in an orderly fashion that benefits your participants.