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Operator Assisted Conference Calls

Our operator-assisted conferencing services offer the classic, fully-managed conference call used for investor calls, legal proceedings and critically important business calls where nothing can be left to chance – for a call where our specially trained operators bring real value to you.

  • Professional, courteous operators welcome and identify callers
  • Operator-assistance from event staff throughout
  • Experience and tools to handle complex calls
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Lead Moderator

Remains on the call to manage all aspects and event details.

Participant List

Have the list of attendees compiled and sent to you after the call.

Pre Conference Room

Meet with lead moderator and speakers to finalize plans pre-call.

Call Recording

Record the event as MP3 for post-event review and transcription.

Large Event Capacity

Host calls for up to six thousand callers on proven technology.

Event Transcription

Submit your recording to us for a triple-checked call transcription.

Choose Your add-ons. Let us help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Varied Event Options & Price Points

Your event will have its own specific requirements. Based on the wants and needs for your call, we can help find the right option for you.

Standard Event



Premium Event


Answered & Moderated

Event Reservations

Operator-assisted calls require advanced booking with our reservation desk, open 24 hours a day. At the time of your booking, you can choose which services are needed and decide if any of our advanced features will be used.

Our reservations team will cover any questions and advise you with best practices whenever relevant.

Planning & Pre Game

You can rely on us to see everything goes smoothly. Our specialists will help you plan and prepare for your conference call right down to the last detail.

Live During Your Event

Your lead operator stays on the call for technical assistance, speaker introductions, monitor audio quality, manage Q&A and anything else you need.

After The Conference Call

If you've elected to record the call or have a participant list created, we’ll deliver them to you quickly and arrange for transcription if needed.

No obligations. No contracts.

Just quality service for your conference calling.