Conference Features On-Demand

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Instant Calls Any Time

Conference calling from Vast Conference is simple, reliable and efficient. Don’t waste time reserving time or space or creating new conference call numbers every time you need to meet. You’ll have dedicated dial-in information that’s yours to use every time a conference call is necessary.

  • Just call. Any time.
  • Dial-In Information is properly stored.

Free Conference Call Recording

Recording your conference call is easy and free! All the participation on a conference call is recorded without needing any special equipment. Conference recordings are made in high-quality MP3 and posted in your account to review, download and distribute by email or post to Twitter and Facebook in one click.

Dial-pad Conference Controls

Easily switch certain conference call features on and off right from your phone. Make sure to record the call, keep control by muting participants if need be and have all the names of your participants collected for later reporting. These and many other features are part of keypad controls.

Toll-Free and International Calls

You decide who and how. Have everyone use the dedicated dial-in or offer callers a toll-free conference call option. You can have a blended call with some callers using the dedicated and others, the toll-free line. Invite callers from around the world using our local country dial-in and toll-free international conferencing numbers.

Conference Call Dial-Out

Bring in that special, or late, caller using conference call dial-out. While the easiest way to bring callers together is them dialing in, this unique feature lets you reach out to a select few by calling them direct. If you’re a lawyer and need a judge on the conference call, this tool is a life saver.

Easy to Use Web Interface

The most intuitive way to view and manage conference calls. Watch live as callers join in and use the control panel to manage conference features. You’ll see which callers are talking, muted, or left the call. This is the best way to manage question and answer sessions after an operator-assisted conference call. You can manage even more than a conference call online. With online screen sharing service you can now present information as well using an all-in-one web conferencing service.

Attendee Names & Tracking

Request names when callers join then add and save them for all future tracking and reports.

Online Invoice and Billing

Review and track all conference calling invoices and payment receipts with corresponding usage.

Billing Codes and User Reports

Keep track of users and billing codes including call history and costs and even use it to bill back clients.

Custom Conference Defaults

Set your conferencing defaults to run calls with specific on-hold music, entry and exit tones.

Contacts Address Book

Upload contacts to your address book and instantly populate the web interface and reports with names.

Question and Answer Sessions

Present a lecture style conference call then easily manage interactive Q&A sessions with participants.

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Just quality service for your conference calling.