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Instant Conference Calls

With reservationless conference calling, you can host instant conference calls whenever you need without pre-scheduling or operator assistance. Your service is always active and ready to use, just call your dedicated conference number, conference code and host code to initiate a call.

  • Conference any time – instantly or schedule in advance
  • No conflicts – give unique numbers to each of your users
  • Single click start and join calls from mobile
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How to host conference calls in 3 easy steps

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1. Schedule your call

Send a meeting invite that includes the conference line and access code.

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2. Start your call

When it’s time for your meeting, dial the conference line and enter your access and host code.

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3. Manage your call

Host a successful conference call with your meeting attendees.

Conference calls up to 500 callers

Easy participant dial-ins.

Get the most out of your conference call with features guaranteed to make your meeting a success.

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Automated Conference Calls

Instant conference calls means that the service is available to use anytime without pre-scheduling. Your service is ready for you to use instantly from any place and phone.

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Trusted Audio Reliability

You deserve the best and most hassle-free conference calls. And that begins with system reliability. Vast Conference runs an enterprise-grade, cloud conferencing platform for the highest-quality service.

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One Account – Include Multiple Users

Your conference call numbers are used to run calls as needed and remain the same for every call. Want more than one user? It’s easy to add additional users to your account.

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Attendee Names & Tracking

For all of your administrative reporting and tracking needs, request participant names and include the times they joined and left your conference call.

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Simple Online Invoicing and Billing

The online admin portal provides an easy to use billing and reporting platform so that you can review and track all conference calling invoices and payment receipts with corresponding usage.

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International Coverage

Callers from around the world can join your instant conference calls. Vast Conference supports toll-free international and local conference calls from over 60 countries worldwide.

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Custom Conference Settings

Take advantage of customizable conferencing settings. Personalized greetings, custom on-hold music and entry/exit tones can bring an added level of branding to your conference calls.

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Conference Call Recording

Your conference calls are important. Record your calls and save to cloud storage for easy online access and download. Use the saved recording for note taking, repurposing content and sharing after the meeting.

Toll-Free and International Calls

Choose how your conference call attendees dial in. Use a dedicated dial-in number, or a toll-free conference call option. Or use a combination of both.

Invite callers from around the world using our local country dial-in and toll-free international conferencing numbers

Conference Call Dial-Out

Bring participants into your meeting by using conference call dial-out. This unique feature lets you reach select attendees by calling them directly. This key feature is ideal for lawyers who need a judge on the line, or for including anyone that you want to join late or last minute.

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Easy to Use Web Interface

The most intuitive way to view and manage conference calls. Watch live as callers join in and use the control panel to manage conference features. You’ll see which callers are talking, muted, or left the call. This is the best way to manage question and answer sessions after an operator-assisted conference call. You can manage even more than a conference call online. With online screen sharing service you can now present information as well using an all-in-one web conferencing service.

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No obligations. No contracts.

Just quality service for your conference calling.