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You decide which conferencing service is right for the occasion.

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Instant conferencing services

Instant Conference Calls

Run conference calls any time with our fully automated service. Your dedicated conference call numbers allow up to 300 callers without advanced notice. There are no long-term contracts and each new account includes a free 14-day trial – Get Started.

Reservationless Conference Calling
Operator services for a conference call

Operator Assisted Event

Our highly trained operators are here to assist you. Event specialists will schedule and organize meeting details prior to the call and your lead moderator will manage the entire event and ensure line quality, handle speaker intros and QA sessions.

Operator Assisted Conference Calling

Conference Recording Dashboard

Conference call recordings are easily created and saved as MP3 files. Conference audio which is broadcasted is recorded in entirety without needing any special microphone or equipment on your end. Your conference recording is created on-demand and stored in your account to review, download and distribute by podcast, email or send out using popular social media networks in one click.

Recording Service

Conference Web Manager

See who's on your call and know who can, and is, talking throughout. The conference web manager gives you further insights and controls during your conference calls and takes the guess work out of things. Watch participants enter the conference call, listen to and add their names and run your own group QA and polling session. Change a specific caller or all callers’ right to talk or participate any time.

Services for Managing Conference Calls

Rich Analysis and Reporting

Review call details and account level activity at any point from your customer service portal. You can review when calls occurred, how long each conference call lasted, who's hosting and attending them. With built in accounting and reports, you'll never wonder where a bill is coming from again as it pertains to your conference call services.

Conference Calling Services
Web Conferencing for Online Meetings

Online Collaboration & Meetings

Stop waiting for everyone to download and install software. Start an online meeting in seconds with screen sharing where attendees view your screen using only a browser. Host presentations, run demos and collaborate online with our best-in-class screen sharing service run on a global real-time network. Start meetings instantly or schedule them well in advance and show anything on your desktop.

Integrate conference calls with Outlook

Outlook Integration

Quickly create and send conference invites from Outlook with one click. Outlook Plug-In invites have conference call details formatted so you just add attendees and send it on. Organize conference calls quickly via email or schedule in advance with calendar. It's not only fast; it limits those potential typos too.

More On Conference Call Solutions

Unlimited Conference Calling

Have the confidence that your conference call service is always ready for you and the pricing certainty that comes with a flat-rate, unlimited conference call plan.

Toll-Free Conference Call Services

Give callers a toll-free conference number when you feel an 800 number is necessary and be sure to pick up any and all costs for participating in your conference call.

International Local and Toll-Free Access

Vast Conference has conference calling access in over seventy countries worldwide with both toll-free and local country dial-in options to accommodate dispersed callers.

Conference Transcription Service

Have us create a typed transcription with triple-checked accuracy from an MP3 recording of your conference call including all speakers clearly identified and labeled.

Join Instantly from Mobile Devices

Conference codes can be a hassle when you're on the road but your conference calling information can be stored in your mobile device for one-button entry without pins.

Customer Service Portal

Create new users, add conference codes, review recordings, billing and statistics and manage calls live, all directly from your customer service portal.

No obligations. No contracts.

Just quality service for your conference calling.