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Can the host dial-out and bring someone in?

You can dial-out directly to someone with a U.S. telephone number and bring them into the conference call. The dial-out feature must be enabled for your account. This feature does not work for calling internationally.

How do I get dial-out turned on?

Please contact our support team to have dial-out turned on. There is no cost for this feature to be enabled for you but it's not on by default for new conference call accounts.

How do I dial-out to someone?

The host can select 67* to start dial-out. The conference calling service will ask you to enter the telephone number next.

Once I reached them, how do we rejoin the call?

To rejoin the conference call after successfully reaching your intended attendee, you'll need to select 68* and you'll both be brought into the call. You will also find Dial-me options in our new screen sharing application shortly. This is a perfect solution for collaboration and online meetings.

What do I do if I don't reach them or get a voicemail?

It happens … sometimes you'll reach a voicemail instead of your intended participant. Select 69* to cancel dial-out and return back to the conference call.

So I can only dial-out to a U.S. telephone number?

There's no international dial-out option. International participants will need to call into the service using either our local country numbers, toll-free dial-in or dedicated U.S. conference call lines. Also consider our Operator-Assisted Conference Call services.

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