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What Is A Webinar?

Kurt BirkenhagenKurt Birkenhagen

what is a webinarIf you work in marketing and sales, talking directly to customers is the best way to meet your revenue goals. How can technology help?

You can speak to audiences directly over social media, but none of the major platforms lend themselves to nuance or complexity. It’s hard to get out everything you want to say in 140 characters or 60 seconds of video. Maybe you’ve reached the point where social media can’t communicate a part of your message.

But there’s a solution. You can speak directly to your future customers with webinars. Webinars are group video and audio conferences that any business can produce. Effective webinars have many scales and styles—from formal presentations, like you would give in person, to live audio conferencing accompanied by screen sharing.

You can use webinars for any virtual gathering, like teaching employees to use Microsoft Excel or presenting a new product to longtime customers. Anyone can call in to a webinar and watch a presentation. Any office with a broadband connection can function as a call-in TV or radio studio.

Webinars are a cheap, effective way to deliver your message to the people who need to hear it. A likeable webinar host can develop relationships with their audience. Engaging webinars can build significant audience engagement. They can also be a revenue source.

We’re going to tell you what you need to put on a webinar and give you some tips that will help make it successful.

Webinars Are Events

We have a bunch of useful tips for producing a good webinar. But the most important piece of advice we’re going to offer you is also the simplest: think of your webinar like any other marketing or sales event.

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You’ve probably put together dozens of presentations for conferences, sales meetings, or trade shows. Preparing for a webinar requires exactly the same skills and components. The only logistical difference between a webinar and an in-person event is your location: you’ll be in your office instead of the convention center.

Webinar Production Basics

Here’s what you need to put on a webinar:

Taking the time and effort to address these pitfalls before your presentation will help you avoid embarrassment later.

Qualities Of A Successful Webinar

Even if you have all of the above elements in place, you still need a solid plan to produce a good webinar. As you know from other events, advance planning and dedicated practice are essential to day-of success. We believe the following elements should be accounted for in any webinar plan or proposal.

What Webinars Will Do For You

Webinars are just one outreach tool. They’re effective for some companies and unhelpful for others. You might already have an idea of where your organization falls on that spectrum.

The impact of your webinars could also change over time. You might build an audience and see it lose interest, or find that the time, effort, and resources your organization puts into producing a webinar doesn’t pay off.

We encourage you to try out webinars. They can be helpful and useful in the right context. But be sure that you’re using a webinar to accomplish precise, achievable goals.

Webinars won’t turn your business into a blue chip powerhouse on their own. But they can help you get part of the way there.

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