Run HOA Meetings via Conference Call

Jamie Davidson March 15, 2016

Running HOA Meetings with Conference Calls

No matter what your community looks like, it’s an almost guaranteed headache to get all of your HOA members in the same room on a regular basis. Whether the homeowners are traveling for work or pleasure, or have other family or professional demands, it’s difficult to get everyone on the same page often enough to get things done.

Have you considered running HOA board meetings virtually for some members unable to be there in person?

How to Close More Sales with Live Demos

Jamie Davidson March 1, 2016

Run successful live demos

Seeing is believing, right? Live virtual demos can help turn a prospect into a customer more quickly.

But not all demos are created equal. Giving a live demo online can be a great opportunity – but only if you do everything you can to prepare and present in your best light. Nothing like a bad demo to put a sour taste in your prospect’s mouth.

When done right,