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Creating Additional Conference Bridge Numbers


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When a client says, “I’d like to have another conference line” what they need is more conference call access codes, also referred to as conference bridges. These are the codes used to route callers into the same conference call. With multiple conference codes available in your account you can hold concurrent conference calls should the need ever arise.

Here’s a great example why you’d generate a new conference code in your account.

Let’s say you have three employees that occasionally hold conference calls, Mary, Jim and Bob. On Tuesday Bob has a scheduled conference call at 10:00am, which also happens to fall on the same time and day as a conference Mary had set up, the problem is you only have one conference code available in your account.

This scenario can lead to both hosts feeling embarrassed not to mention all the confused attendees. To avoid situations like this, you can add more conference codes to your account and assign each of them to specific users. This way, they’ll never have any schedule conflicts or overlapping of conference calls. You can generate and assign a different code to Mary, Jim and Bob, so that they can each have their own different conference code to use whenever they need to hold calls, without ever having to worry about internal scheduling with conference codes.

We give our users total control over their account preferences and usage so we’ve set up our service so each conference code in your account can have a different plan associated with it. We offer a few different audio conferencing options with our service, an Unlimited Use – 15 callers, Unlimited Use – 50 callers and a Pay-Per-Use plan. You can select which plan is best for your user based on their conferencing usage.

How do I add a new conference bridge code?

– First you’ll need to login
– Once you’re logged in click on “My Account”, which will take you to your Access Codes page
– Then click the button “Generate New Conference Code” in the top right
– Select the plan you would like for that conference code and submit

After the conference code has been generated you can begin using it immediately. To assign the code to a user in your organization just click on where it says “Assign to a user” and enter in their information.

There’s no additional cost to generate new conference codes in your account other than the plan you decide to set them up under, and there’s no limit to the number of conference bridge codes you can have.

Peter Doan is Vast Conference's customer service lead and dedicated account manager. With 10-plus years of experience, he's a customer service superstar and a regular contributor here.

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