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Use Collaboration Tools at Your Next Event

Jessica WeissJessica Weiss

Collaboration Tools and Event Marketing

Rock your next event with conference calling and screen sharing tools

Hosting a workshop? Attending a conference? Organizing a social gathering?

Event marketing continues to be an extremely popular tactic – and for good reason. In fact, 67% of B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy (Event Farm). Events help you increase brand awareness and foster important personal relationships.

“Event marketing is no longer about creating sales pitch opportunities. It’s about getting customers to form a connection with a brand and building relationships. Customers who see a good deal, might make a purchase. Customers who feel emotionally connected to a brand will make a purchase, but they will also recommend those products and services to others. They will also continue to be loyal to that brand into the future.” – Kerry Creaswood, Event Manager Blog

Whether you’re hosting your own events or attending tradeshows, conferences, and meetings, have you considered how conference calling and screen sharing can boost your impact and help make an impression on your attendees?

Read on for our ideas to make a splash with the help of collaboration tools.

Consider organizing a supplemental session for people you meet at conferences and meetings. Can you offer a conference call for those who can’t attend a talk or presentation? Remote attendees may appreciate the ability to call into your event (especially if there’s an interesting screen sharing session to accompany it). That way, you can include more team members who aren’t able to be there in person and spread the goodwill.

If you host a session in-person and for remote attendees during your conference, think about adding the following elements to add excitement to your event:

While most of your social event should be spent fostering those important relationships, would a screen sharing session enhance your event, live and in-person? Would a short presentation or interactive demo presented on a large screen to the group gathered provide a valuable experience? Or could you call in a remote presenter with special expertise to share? Get creative with your social event to encourage a mix of business and social productivity.

Technology is becoming more and more essential to successful events, so you don’t want to miss the boat. According to Tom Shelly at Bizzabo, “audience engagement solutions are considered the biggest trend in maximizing event success according to 84% of respondents” of their latest event professionals study. Create engaging, memorable events by using technology already at your fingertips, including conferencing and screen sharing. Are you ready to try something new at your next meeting?

Jess is Vast Conference's Marketing & Communications Manager. Reach out on Twitter @jweiss44.

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