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How to Own the Sales Process on a Conference Call

Jamie Davidson June 30, 2020

As spring turns into summer 2020, it looks as if many of us may be working from home a bit longer. Therefore, we thought it beneficial to revisit an oldie, but goodie post about executing sales pitches and presentations on a conference call. We have recently found that even though many remote workers and sales reps at home are using online meeting platforms to pitch potential clients and customers, that doesn’t mean they are using the video conferencing feature to meet attendees face to face.

How Companies Can Support Long-term Remote Strategies

Jamie Davidson June 18, 2020

As employers continue to navigate critical decisions about if and how to safely return to pre-Covid-19 working conditions, it’s worth beginning to ask the question: how can companies support those employees who want to continue working remotely?

While the disruption brought about by the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for many, others have welcomed the forced transition to remote work. Those who formerly faced long commutes, were tied to offices in high cost-of-living areas,

Prevent Burnout When Working Remotely

Jamie Davidson June 3, 2020

Burnout has long been an issue amongst high-performers – especially those working remotely. But the standard advice for resolving burnout often runs counter to what’s permissible in the COVID-19 era. Today, many of the old rules don’t apply. Depending on geographic location it may not be possible to take a break outside of the home or to spend social time in person with friends or colleagues.

When social distancing is the norm and travel is out of the question,