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Conquering Your Public Speaking Fears

Jamie Davidson February 27, 2019

More people are afraid of public speaking than dying

ACTUALLY DYING! Comedian Jerry Seinfeld jokes that most of us would rather be inside the coffin than forced to give a funeral eulogy. Ironically, it’s the avoidance of being six feet under that prompts glossophobia – the fear of public speaking. This real phenomenon is rooted in our primal need to feel safe within a group. The anxiety of being rejected and ostracized from our group,

What Drives Entrepreneurs to Build Successful, Scalable and Sustainable Businesses

Jamie Davidson February 25, 2019

Anyone can start a business. Who isn’t an entrepreneur at some point in their career? Numerous proud and industrious individuals do, and many succeed. Recently, as many as 25 million Americans were starting or operating a new business in the United States. However, it’s important to note that not all businesses become successful. A business is successful if it’s A) sustainable B) profitable and C) scalable. The Small Business Association says that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year.

Brand Authenticity: Connecting With Your Customers

Jamie Davidson February 21, 2019

Consumers Want More Brand Authenticity, Less Marketing

Facebook ads. Linkedin as. Google Adwords. Content marketing. Email campaigns. Podcasts. PR. Lead magnets. Retargeting. Gamification. Forms. Chatbots. And oh so many more. As consumers and marketers, we are too familiar with the dearth of 21st-century marketing tactics used to promote billions of products. Subsequently, if trends progress as predicted, the use of promotional strategies and channels will continue to rise. Surveyed by Gartner,

Best Practices for Successful Online Meetings

Jamie Davidson February 19, 2019

Online meetings are essential for communication, collaboration, and productivity. When utilized and managed properly, your meetings will be efficient, constructive and solution-oriented. Use this handy infographic, 5 Tips For Running Better Online Meetings for on-boarding, training or hang it in your meeting room to ensure your team is running better online meetings today.

1. Enhance your online meetings with video conferencing

Professional meetings can have a big impact on both productivity and brand perception.

Beating Your Bad Work Habits For Good

Jamie Davidson February 14, 2019

While we might not want to admit it, we all have at least one bad habit in both our personal and/or work lives that we’d like to break. Whether it’s spending too much time on social media sites, being chronically late to the office, or procrastinating on important project deadlines there is no collective shortage of less-than-desirable habits we’d prefer banished from our lives. Don’t stress! You are not doomed to a life ruled by bad habits.

Making Sales Personal: Why Calls and Convos are Still the Best Sales Tools

Jamie Davidson February 12, 2019

The goal of any successful marketing campaign is to reach the customer with a brand message in order to pique interest in a product. To do this, the Sales and Marketing teams have an abundance of lead gen tools in their arsenal including large scale email campaigns, re-targeting, newsletters, and paid ads. These tactics work well for mass outreach and brand awareness. And they can be an efficient way to announce new product features or promote special offers to capture interest and draw in new prospects.

The Benefits of Being a Positive Procrastinator

Jamie Davidson February 6, 2019

You’ve probably heard the expression “there are two ways to skin a cat”. I’m not actually aware of what those two ways are, nor do I need to know…but what I do know is that when it comes to getting something done the well-worn standard is that you can do it only one of two ways: do it fast or do it right.

At first glance, putting off important tasks until later may seem like a career-ending risk that only leads to increased stress,

How Video Conferencing Improves the Hiring Process

Jamie Davidson February 4, 2019

How many times have you pre-screened a candidate over the phone only to realize in person that you only got half the story? Your time is precious and hiring the ideal employees is central to every business’ success. Today, all of the communication tools you need to truly get to know a candidate are available to you. Ensure that recruiting mishaps don’t happen to you. Take advantage of a video conference to find,