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How Conferencing Services Benefit Small Businesses

Jamie Davidson January 31, 2019

Ever wonder where some of the cool tech we use every day came from? Working in the communications biz, I was amazed to learn that the first video conferencing technology was showcased way, waaaaay back in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair! (My mom was there too!). When Bell Laboratories premiered its Mod 1 Picturephone, users could demo the transcontinental call in New York City and see the person on the other end of the line at Disneyland in California.

Key Traits of Inspiring Meeting Leaders

Jamie Davidson January 28, 2019

What makes a great meeting leader? Are they easily recognizable? Do you leave a meeting or collaboration feeling pumped? Do you walk out feeling smarter than when you went in? We’ve all had the opportunity to experience genuinely motivating meetings that set us on a path to success and pride in our work. We’ve also suffered under the leadership of those who have left us unimpressed and apathetic about the work ahead.

Great meeting leaders aren’t gurus who offer grand insights then sit back while their team converts that brilliance into action items.

Motivating Teams in 2019

Jamie Davidson January 14, 2019

Q4 is a festive time of the year. With so many holidays in such a short period, things can get out of hand quickly. While fun, exciting, and refreshing, the holidays can take up tons of time and resources. It’s no wonder feeling motivated after all the festivities is a bear. But keeping employees and team members engaged and motivated is key to producing growth in the coming year. Incorporate these tips with your team and keep them motivated after the holidays and into 2019.

Stick To Your Professional New Year Resolutions

Jamie Davidson January 10, 2019

2019 is finally here and back to work water cooler cavorting is rife with New Year’s resolution banter. Who’s getting healthy? Who’s saving more money? Who’s vying for a promotion? Did you know that resolutions don’t just have to be personal in nature? Creating professional resolutions and sticking to them can result in accelerated growth for your career and your company.

As you likely know (some of us from experience), most people don’t follow through with their resolutions.