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3 Daily Huddle Templates to Keep Your Conference Calls Short

Kurt Birkenhagen December 11, 2018

The daily scrum meeting in Agile methodology has one singular purpose: to inform team members what’s been done and what’s left to be done. Productive scrum meetings contribute to a project’s timely delivery. Because of its effectiveness, managers and team leaders outside of the SaaS industry have created variations on its format to suit their own purposes and reap the benefits.

The daily huddle, a brief and concise check-in have two valuable meeting characteristics: 1) They’re condensed to save time 2) They’re structured to meet specific goals,

Virtual Team Building for Remote Workers

Kurt Birkenhagen December 11, 2018

When your team doesn’t work in the same physical space, you’ve got to approach team building unique ways. The rise in remote working requires businesses and HR departments to use creativity to cement relationships between office-based and virtual workers. For remote workers, physical distance can quickly transform into emotional distance. And also develop the feeling that they’re an anonymous cog in a machine. When unmanaged, this can affect productivity, retention, and general morale.