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Vision Meeting Success

Kurt Birkenhagen August 31, 2018

In a vision meeting, your team imagines what future success looks like and how to get there. In a way, you’re reenacting Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, which has inspired generations to overcome obstacles, persevere, and succeed. The story affirms the fact that we have choices and that what we choose makes us who we are. That’s what you’re doing in a vision meeting.

You’re building a collective mental map that everyone can reference as you embark on the journey together.

Four Roles to Keep Your Meeting on Track

Kurt Birkenhagen August 17, 2018

Whether you’re facilitating a meeting or participating in one, you have an important role to play and duties to fulfill. Collectively, these roles and obligations work together to produce meetings where things get done. When they’re omitted or ignored, your meetings become unending complaint fests or time-sucks everyone tries to avoid.

Assign These Roles Before Your Next Meeting

Here are four meeting roles to transform your next board meeting,

Agile Retrospective Meeting Guidelines

Kurt Birkenhagen August 3, 2018

For those just starting the Agile methodology, the retrospective meeting is one of the first steps they want to nail right away. It may determine the success of the entire Agile onboarding process. (Agile is an iterative and incremental approach to software development, underpinned by the Scrum framework. Read more here.)

Looking back at the successes and failures of a project is how your scrum team grows in its productivity and efficiency.