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How to Write a Job Description

Kurt Birkenhagen July 20, 2018

Too often, employers view job descriptions as pragmatic, informative tools for job placement ads. Consequently, most turn out to be lengthy, dense, and uninspiring laundry lists of qualifications you’re looking for that leaves candidates confused about how working for you actually benefits them. Ineffective job descriptions result in high turnover rates and hours of wasted employee training, which today totals $1,252 per employee.

So, before investing in employee morale boosters,

The Sales Process: Best Communication Practices for Every Stage

Kurt Birkenhagen July 6, 2018

Sales communications are notorious for being overly scripted, sales-y, and features-focused. If these are the qualities of your current sales messaging efforts, tear up your script. It’s hard enough to attract attention with videos, flashy graphics, and attractive models. Aggressive sales calls and spammy-sounding emails won’t cut it. However, you can cut through the noise by using communication strategies mined from sales experts who’ve carefully perfected their craft over decades.


After a lead expresses interest in your product or service,