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The 4 Steps for Onboarding a Remote Employee

Kurt Birkenhagen February 21, 2018

The best part of remote work is that it makes life easier for the worker. Remote work eliminates or reduces commutes and helps the employee manage the demands of the rest of their life.

But remote work can be a challenge for workers and managers early on. Some of the most basic parts of the onboarding process can get difficult if they’re done from a distance.

But have no fear — I spoke to managers and HR professionals,

The Best Onboarding Plan for New Employees

Kurt Birkenhagen February 7, 2018

The onboarding process can set the tone for a new hire’s whole tenure. These onboarding best practices will help you integrate your new colleague immediately. (Take a look at our checklist to help you get started)

What to do during orientation

Every new hire has to go through a formal, well-planned orientation session, where managers tell new hires about the company policies and team-wide expectations. Orientation is also the time to handle mundane matters like paperwork.