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Meeting Minutes: Templates and Explainer

Kurt Birkenhagen January 25, 2018

If your boss asks you to keep minutes or take formal notes on a meeting, you might be intimidated. The task sounds serious and official — it brings to mind boardrooms, courtrooms and Congressional hearings.

Being the Meeting Recorder and taking meeting minutes is an important job. But it’s not something that should keep you up at night. Your colleagues won’t morph into lawyers (unless they’re already lawyers) when the meeting starts.

Email Etiquette For Employee Onboarding

Kurt Birkenhagen January 11, 2018

Every office has different expectations about etiquette and culture, and a lot of those expectations come in the form of unwritten rules. Too many offices and managers haven’t taken the time to write down their email policies. That can be confusing for new hires.

With unwritten rules, new hires can get on the wrong side of office opinion with a misguided, but innocent, email. Fortunately, that awkward outcome is easy to avoid with foresight.

Making Meetings Accessible for Colleagues with Disabilities

Kurt Birkenhagen January 4, 2018

If you’re working in a new capacity with a colleague with a disability, you may have questions about how to address their needs. You and your organization can easily make appropriate accommodations whether you’re working with them remotely or in person. Here’s how to respectfully hold meetings with or onboard a disabled colleague.

Set Up Remote Communications

If your colleague can work remotely, they will be able to use the services (like care from family) and equipment (like rails or wheelchair-accessible countertops) they have set up at home.