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Communication Tips For Professors

Kurt Birkenhagen August 29, 2017

You can avoid a lot of higher education’s nuisances and headaches with the help of internet tools and software. Here’s how communications technology can make your department run smoother, your office hours more effective, and your students more engaged.

Some of the software we recommend will require a modest investment by your institution, but it’s nothing that will break a department’s bank. They’re the kind of thing that you should be able to convince your chair and colleagues to try out.

5 Reasons Every Therapist Should Offer Telehealth

Kurt Birkenhagen August 22, 2017

Telehealth isn’t just a way to connect with clients in underserved areas—it may actually improve the care you give your patients.

1) Some Patients Are More Comfortable Online

“For some, it’s easier to open up online than in person,” says Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, a marriage and family therapist in Agoura Hills, California.

Remote communication can actually help some patients express their feelings better. Video chat can have a similar effect to having a patient lay down during talk therapy.

The Health Coach Who Only Works Remote

Kurt Birkenhagen August 15, 2017

After Julia Sarver transitioned from the nonprofit world to health coaching, she wasn’t enjoying coaching as much as she thought she would. Sarver had a full client list, but her schedule was all wrong.

Sarver had 9-to-5 hours in a rented office. She’d have a flurry of meetings one day and a handful of sessions that were several hours apart on the next. Cancellations were frequent, and scheduling was a hassle for her and clients.

5 Signs Your Meeting is Doomed

Jamie Davidson August 12, 2017

You usually don’t realize the mess you’re in until you’re in the thick of it. Then, you look around and wonder, “Where’s the closest exit?” By that point, it’s too late. When it comes to totally dysfunctional work meetings, there’s no graceful escape. Those meetings are doomed to be unproductive time-sucks. The trick is to recognize when your meeting is sinking (and stinking), and determine what needs to change to ensure it never happens again.