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Why Can’t I Understand What People Are Saying On This Conference Call?

Jamie Davidson May 30, 2017

When everyone on a conference call uses a landline, poor quality is rarely a problem. But how many people use landlines anymore? Even companies that offer landlines to employees may be using a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system rather than telephone wires.

Nearly all conference calls have someone joining over a VoIP connection or a cell network. In either case, their voice is being transmitted digitally. And digital transmission—a relatively new technology—isn’t always perfect.

What Is A Webinar?

Kurt Birkenhagen May 23, 2017

If you work in marketing and sales, talking directly to customers is the best way to meet your revenue goals. How can technology help?

You can speak to audiences directly over social media, but none of the major platforms lend themselves to nuance or complexity. It’s hard to get out everything you want to say in 140 characters or 60 seconds of video. Maybe you’ve reached the point where social media can’t communicate a part of your message.

The Redesigned Vast Conference Dashboard

Kurt Birkenhagen May 17, 2017

We’re excited to introduce the newly redesigned user dashboard released today. You’ll find a beautiful, responsive interface that’s mobile-friendly and full of new features for users and account admins.

Today represents a key platform release in a series of updates planned for you over the coming months. These updates will focus on usability and adding new features and refinements to our core services with a continued focus on bringing simple, easy-to-use conferencing tools to market.

7 Tips For Conference Calls Your Sales Team Won’t Hate

Kurt Birkenhagen May 16, 2017

Successful salespeople are at their best in one-on-one conversations. They connect with customers by listening actively, leading a conversation, and expressing themselves with body language. Conference calls present a different challenge.

In a conference call, you’re asking salespeople to sit passively and say little. It’s no shock they sometimes get bored.

You’re also up against the unique challenges of conference calling:

  • Participants can be hesitant to give their opinion,

Telephone Depositions 101

Kurt Birkenhagen May 9, 2017

A lawyer in Georgia gets scheduled for a day-long deposition that’s a long drive away. But she has a daughter in school. There’s no way she can get her daughter to school, get to the deposition, and make it back to the school by the end of the day.

Her solution? A deposition by telephone.

Why Do Telephone Depositions?

Travel time is the main reason some lawyers prefer depositions by phone.

Rules of Conference Call Etiquette

Kurt Birkenhagen May 2, 2017

Etiquette on Conference Calls Matters

A conference call is like running slightly uphill. You can still get where you’re going, you just have to put in a little bit more effort to get there.

“We’re losing over half of our communications skills when we’re not in person,” says Kerri Garbis, President & Co-Founder of Ovation Communication. The interest we show with eye contact, the sympathy we display with head nods and smiles,